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Modern Premium

We exist to enhance people's lives.


Brand Essence

Corporate Philosophy
Hyundai Motor Company
Management Philosophy
Core Values
Hyundai Nexo Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV)
Vision 2020
Lifetime partner in automobiles and beyond.

Hyundai Motor Group established a new vision, “Together for a better future.” in order to fulfill its role and responsibility as a trusted global firm. Hyundai Motor Company defined its vision of being a “Lifetime partner in automobiles and beyond” to come one step closer to its customers and become their beloved brand. A car is no longer simply a means of transportation that links people to people; it has become a life space that occupies a central role in people’s lives. As such, Hyundai Motor Company seeks to become a lifetime partner in the everyday lives of customers. At this very moment, It is developing eco-friendly and human-oriented technologies for the future and setting up optimized global management systems in order to provide the best experience to its customers.

Bring a new perspective to automobiles

We want to expand the concept of the automobile from the simple means of transportation that it is now, to a new space that connects people to their families, work, and society. By transforming the automobile into a happy space that people can rely on anywhere and at any time, we aim to add new value to the traditional car.

Style and Design 
Design Philosophy

A visionary design inspired by nature, art and human passion in the most creative and appealing form.

Fluidic Sculpture

A dynamic and living beauty. The essence beyond the sculpture.

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Reading your mind with the most advanced HMI-based design technology.

Hyundai Motor’s design philosophy goes beyond aesthetics by eliminating the unnecessary and incorporating all of the necessary elements into a great design. Although Hyundai Motor is known for its striking exterior designs, every aspect of the design is carefully thought through, especially the interior design, to ensure great ergonomics which leads to exceptional comfort for drivers and passengers alike.

Clustering and placing buttons in the most convenient locations, fine-tuning the design to a tenth of an inch and using materials that convey a sense of refinement when touched are all parts of Hyundai Motor’s design practice based on Human Machine Interface (HMI) principles. Following the HMI principles, Hyundai Motor is creating interior designs that are simple, intuitive and ergonomic which leads to higher levels of emotional satisfaction.

Openness for safety


Hyundai Motor’s spacious, roomy interior offers plenty of space to provide an expanded field of vision and viewing comfort by considering driver’s eye sight in its elevated design. From the shape of every seat to the location of the instrument cluster features, our design efficiently maximizes both practicality and driving safety. Hyundai Motor’s creative innovation in the concept car area further aims to integrate a high-tech camera in place of the side mirror for an even wider view.

Unlimited growth potential leveraging five senses


With future development of automotive technology, Hyundai Motor will embrace the new concept of the Human Machine Interface (HMI) with innovative technology to leverage the essential five senses of man. In addition to the latest CES event showing the possibilities of IT technology converging with a smart car, Hyundai Motor promises a brighter future by creating sensual and dynamic experiences with the emerging voice recognition, motion recognition and touch technology.

Creating designs embodying the DNA of ‘Modern Premium’


Hyundai Motor’s designers working in Korea, the US, Germany, China, Japan and India, each bring their own unique perspective, a key source of inspiration and competitiveness. Needless to say, designer’s imagination is the earth from which innovative new designs blossoms. Aiming to stimulate the creativity of its designers, Hyundai Motor recently launched ‘My Baby’ projects for both Korea-based and overseas based designers.

The main design team at Namyang Technology Research Center is also collaborating with overseas design studios in Europe, the US and Japan, in order to strengthen their competitiveness. Hyundai Motor will continue to support various projects to create innovative new designs which are engaging and satisfying for our customers.

Designing the future of automobiles


Creative ideas that break the mold, the thrill of challenging the norm, cutting-edge technology and the ability to understand people’s desires enable the Design Center to gauge future megatrends. Our global design network draws upon inspiration from major cities in the US, Europe, Japan, China and India to predict and lead worldwide trends.

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