i30 N


Born in Namyang.

Honed at the Nürburgring.

Introducing i30 N Performance: head-turning design with 202 kW & 353 Nm of raw power and razor-sharp handling to match.

Welcome to


I care about power.

This newly developed four-cylinder a 2.0-litre direct injection turbo engine delivers high responsiveness and a rich torque curve supported by an over boost function that temporarily increases torque by 8%. i30 N features front-wheel drive and a six-speed manual transmission with stronger gears, a carbon synchronizer ring, and a strong clutch. These enhanced inner parts are built to cope with the high-performance N’s higher engine power. Short shift travel helps with fast shifting so you can always feel the feeling.

Just plain

Active variable exhaust system.

Pump up the volume! The Variable Exhaust Valve lets you select different levels of exhaust sound - from relatively contained in Normal and Eco modes, to the raucous crackling "after burn" growl in N Mode. 

N Corner carving differential.

This Electronic Limited Slip Differential enhances grip, delivering maximum power to the road while increasing the maximum cornering speed and driving fun.








Optimized for

focused driving.

Sport enhanced steering wheel.

Featuring exclusive blue stitching and the N logo, the N steering wheel puts all the driving performance features right at your fingertips. Choose your drive mode or activate rev matching for more fun at the push of a button.

N cluster.

The N instrument cluster is customised for passionate drivers. Featuring a shift timing to support track driving, the red zone of the variable LED rev-counter changes according to the driving performance and varies with the engine’s oil temperature. You can monitor engine oil temperature, torque, and turbo boost in the cluster.

Steering wheel imagery shown is from the left-hand drive market. 

Support and style.

Welcome to a whole new level of seat comfort. Featuring the N logo and blue contrast stitching, the uniquely designed high-performance N sport seats keep you in control and comfortable, with power lumbar support and extendable seat cushions.

And there's more.

i30 N is packed with the latest technology and comfort systems to ensure everyday driving becomes an occasion to look forward to... and to fondly look back upon.

N Grin control system.

Enjoy more smiles per kilometre – At the push of a button, the N Grin Control System gives you the choice of five distinct drive modes to match your mood. The different modes change the character of the car, adjusting the parameters of the engine, the dampers, Electronic Stability Control (ESC), N Carving System, engine sound, steering and Rev matching.

Eco Mode



Hyundai SmartSense

Cutting-edge Advanced Driving Assistance Systems for incredible safety and peace of mind.

N Traction and Stability Control.

Developed in-house, the N Traction and Stability Control is like a good co-pilot, helping when necessary but otherwise being quiet, never disturbing your driving fun and making you go even faster. If desired, it can be switched off completely for maximum racetrack effect.

Front & rear park sensors.

Sensors in the front and rear bumpers can detect any obstacle you can't see, and tell you when to stop to avoid making contact with it.

Pricing, Colours & Spec


i30 N Performance


Colour range.

Performance Blue Metallic (special N signature)

Polar White (solid)

Micron Grey (metallic)

Engine Red (solid)